Ive just been trying to fit my new seymour duncan invader (bridge) pickup into my Ibanez Ic-300. I'm really having trouble soldering the wires to the pickup selector (It's a one volume one tone guitar) because my solder wire is taking ages to melt.. but I think its because the solder wire is really really thick (about .5cm). I tried to melt the solder that was already on to use that but that didnt work either.

Have I got a **** soldering iron or is the solder wire too thick or what?

I'm a soldering noob sorry =[
both, the solder should only be about 1-2mm thick and your iron seems to be at the end of it's career
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go to some hardware store and look for rosin-core electrical solder thats about 1mm thick. that should melt almost instantly

EDIT: damn, beaten to it
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