Looking for a low watt amp, 5 - 15 watts, that is able to deliver nice clean tones, and be good with pedals. Going to be used with pedals for delay/reverb/distortion etc. Looking to get Explosions in the sky / Oceansize tones out of it for bedroom use, although I'd like it to be pretty versatile if possible. In the UK so looking at about £200 max but can go higher if there's something really good. Was looking at:

Epi valve std/junior
Laney VC-15
Ibanez ValBee
Fender 600

Any others that might be out there. If there's any simple mods that can be done as well, I'm all up for that. And swapping tubes etc

i know some marshalls offer great clean tone, i think a tube amp which you might get second handed very cheap compared to the brand new one.But sorry cant give yyou any name cause i dont know many things bout eq.i can play