hey i was thinking of maybe playing this song at an open mic type thing at a bar but i thought it would be great to get some feedback on it first so any comments would be great.

c4c just leave a link


please post replies on youtube
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Not a bad cover. Needs some practice vocally, off pitch here and there. But you have a nice voice, a little work and itll be bar worthy for sure.
You got a little out of sorts there, haha. It goes intro 2x, verse 1, chorus, intro 2x, verse 2, chrous, bridge, intro 4 times. At least that is the way STP plays it. I would say not to perform that out yet as you need a fair bit of vocal work on it. But you'll get there.
You have an awesome voice you just need some fine tuning like staying on key and getting everything down smoother with guitar and vocals. I 'd like to see you put up another recording when you got eveverything down pat.
thanks for the comments i know it needs some work on vocals which i will practice and put up a better version soon i was just wondering if people thought i have potential to sing because ive just started singing as for the comment about the wrong order of the verses and chorus and bridge if i cover a song i try to just get the feel of it, i prefer to do it right but i dont have it memorized yet.
I personally think you're performing it a little too fast, but that's a personal preference.

There's a couple of other differences, like sequence and melody, but I'm all for doing things different in covers, so I'm cool with it. Love the fade out and arpeggios at the end.

The vocals do need a bit of work, and I think maybe you should stop looking to the side like something is distracting you, but that's a performance note and really related to the cover itself.

Mostly just work on the vocals, other than that you've pretty much got it.

If you could look at mine:
Sunshine of Your Love