Came up with the main set up off it when I listen to the song "backbone" by the band "gojira"

It's pretty cool, well to me. It has some progressive elements and some death metal elements.
Guitar pro metal.zip
Yea, it's kinda repetative. but I made it to have lyrics over the riffs. So pretend someone is singing when listening
So repetitive.
Also, you have heard of rests yeah?
Signatures are overrated.
Of course I know what a rest is.
Just seems like you don't as I noticed an incomplete bar..
Signatures are overrated.
and that bothers you how?? Non of the bars were "red" as in incomplete. There were just some bars that I didn't fill in because there was no reason to. You don't have to be OCD about and my song is bad because I was too lazy to but in a couple unneeded rests.
Bar 46, track two.
Bar 121, track two.
Bar 132, track two.
Bar 136, track two.
Bar 136/137, track one.

Sorry but what? If there's no red incomplete bars, then why do those show as red and incomplete?
Signatures are overrated.
whoa i forgot the song went to line 120

apparently i posted the wrong GP file

but either way, why the hell are you so pissy about incomplete bars? it's easy to read it like that than go through the trouble or reading individual rests that make everything off time.