My Ibanez S470 fell over and the guitar head decided to snap =/ I basically got it repaired for free (cba to explain how), and it's a pretty good job, i just dont like the fact that you can see where the crack is on the next still, cause it was like glued back together (done properly obviously lol).

Anyway, I was wondering how much it would roughly be to maybe switch the neck for a new one? Would it be possible to switch to a neck that has 24 frets rather than 22?


- Charlie

Edit - Just realised I posted in the completely wrong forum, my bad guys
I've seen an RG neck on an S470 and those have 24 frets, but
A) I wouldn't spend on a new neck just for cosmetic reasons and
B) The Wizard II neck only has 22 frets and is easily one of the best necks any guitar compnay makes, So I wouldn't swap it out.
Either way, take it to the electric guitar forum.
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