Okay so I was having a little trouble switching G and C chords.
I can switch from G to C pretty well it's just switching from C to G that I have trouble on.

When you switch chords, do you place the fingers down at the same time or do you place them 1 or 2 at a time but really fast?
I place all my fingers down when switching chords. I'm sorry I can't give any better advice than just keep practicing, you'll get better.
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Spend about 15 minutes each day just switching from C to G and back again, and you'll quickly get faster at it.
i used to have trouble with C to G too. but now its a breeze. keep doing it and you'll get used to it. and you can either do them 1 at a time or all together, but once you get it really fast then your probably gunna have to put them all down at the same time.
so would it be best to place them all at the same time just to get used to to the feel?

Also I ususally practice switching different chord shapes about 1 hour daily, to help the process go faster. When should I get pretty good at it?
Also for a begginer, about what BPM should I be switching chords?
It just takes time and practice to get them right. You can start putting each finger down one at a time, and as your fingers get used to that, you'll later be able to put them all down at the same time. There isn't a set BPM or anything either.

Just start slowly, and over time you'll get better at it.
Alright thanks

Recently, my practice has been basically entirely dedicated to chord practice.
I spend about 2 1/2 hours playing chords, and about 30 mins doing songs.

Should I change the sceldule to do about a hour on chords, an hour on songs, and an hour on exercises such as alternative picking and scales?
It could be useful to get into picking exercises and scales, so yeah dedicating an hour to each field could be useful. I'd advise that you go 20 mins on, 5 mins off though - this helps you stay focused. So 20 mins on chords, 5 mins rest, 20 mins on songs, 5 mins rest, 20 mins on scales, 5 mins rest, and repeat say 2 or 3 times.
I've got a stack of Guitar Techniques magazines, so after a warm-up based on various DVDs, I work on one article for 20 mins, take a break, move onto the next one. I like to mix and match like that.