He was tied to a stake in the blazing summer's heat,
Every square inch of him was covered by honey.
"Even his eyes?"
"Even his eyes."

Delirious, as the sun poisoned are,
He began to see the Devil's illusions.
His mind was racing, but convinced his body of the images:

"There’s a couple more piranhas in the cave.
The wolves are at the door,
And they're knocking.
The vultures are circling overhead."

He heard something rumbling in the distance.
It was a million fire ants marching to war;
Hungry fire ants with crushing mandibles and scimitar teeth.

They began to assault his flesh.
Every bite sent liters of liquid fire rushing through his veins


And as night began to fall
His ghost was dancing with his corpse,
Surrounded by the glow of lightning bugs and fireflies.

Everything passes with time, and he shall return to nature.
Her creatures will spread his life across the land.

By the next morning the wolves, coyotes, and foxes
Ate every last bit of the remains
"Even his eyes?"
"Even his eyes."
Woah, thats really weird. I don't know if I like it. It all depends on the melody and how the song will be sung. Some of the words you use, like "piranhas" don't work in lyrics if you ask me. I mean try and sing it without smiling and thinking of James Bond?! I think you should try and concentrate on other points to this song instead of describing this poor characters serious misfortune. The descriptions you use are effective in being gruesome and all the rest, but you need to bring back to earth, make it more relatable to humans. This kind of thing doesn't happen often and if you use the whole senario as a giant metaphor, you need to relate it back to the point of the song. Otherwise it just feels like one big enormous J.R.R Tolkien, violent rambling.