Well, it seems on a lot of my albums on iTunes, downloded from a file share of course, seem to split into different albums, even though their information is the exact same. Just as an example, my Children of Bodom albums, three "are you dead yet?" albums show, two "follow the reaper" and three "hate crew deathroll" albums show up. How can i fix this?
Right click and go to "get info" then go to the info tab. Check the track number, disc number and year are all the same. Also check the album artist. Beyond that I'm stumped.
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Are there any extra spaces at the end of any of the album names? In iTunes? Check.
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Highlight ALL the songs in the album.
Right click > Get Info
Re-type in all the information for them (except 'track name', obviously).
Click OK and it should be fixed.
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