Okay i am stuck with buying new guitar.

I am going to be selling a guitar which i expect to get £250-£350 quite a wide gap i know but i really have no idea how much i will get for it. But thats not what im here for.

The two guitars i am choosing between are:

Epiphone Goth Explorer...



Schecter C-1 Hellraiser FR


Now the Explorer is second hand but will mean i dont have to spend any money other then what i get for the guitar im selling. Whereas the Schecter will mean i have to spend roughly £200 more of my own money to get but it is not second hand.

I only really play metal music and am willing to pay for either one.

Suggestions from anyone who has any of these guitars or even if you dont just general suggestions


P.S sorry about the wall of text but thanks for reading!

1. Electric guitar forum
2. Schecter.
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1. Electric guitar forum
2. Schecter.

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The Goth series is crap. Go for the Shecter.


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I just got a hellraiser after days and days of trying other guitars... I fell in love with it. It sounds and looks amazing. Schecter gets my vote also.
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