to get jimi hendrix tone you've got to smoke weed.
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making a windows machine look like a mac is like putting lipstick on a pig.

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Marijuana is the leading cause of awesome.
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That's so bad I think you just gave me cancer.

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What did you do? Fart into a microphone?
not bad, im just wrapping up my AS retake multitrack, did good old purple haze, managed to get a quite close tone, at least i managed to replicate the 60's recordings. Its good quality though

This would have been handy though.
Only 2 things that I use and that's an upside down right-handed strat (or left-handed if you're right handed) strung like a lefty or just any strat really. But also the jimi hendrix experience pedal by digitech. It's discontinued but if you can get your hands on one, buy it. If not, a vox wah, EH big muff and a rotary/vibe pedal will get you pretty close
this is my cover of purple haze