Are there any relatively cheap OD/Fuzz kits, Something like a Fuzz Head? I am a beginner and I want to try my hand at soldering so I don't want to spend a lot of cash on something I may destroy.

Actually I would be interested in any really cheap kits just to practice.
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You can get a variety of kits from Generalguitargadgets.com. I've bought from them before and they're awesome. Also, if you want to get plans and source out the parts yourself (or kits) smallbearelectronics.com is also sweet.
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Generalguitargadgets and buildyourownclone make good kits.
There are also lots of good vero board layouts to be found, and you can source the parts yourself. Or PCB layouts for that matter, if you want to make your own PCBs
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Thats great, except will the slider switch and the 3dpt switch be soldered in the same way?

If you got a 2PDT stomp switch, you could wire it the same way
If you use a 3PDT switch, you can add an LED, and wire it like this:
Thanks for providing the diagram but it looked complicated to me (because I have no idea what I doing :P) , I think I will tackle the cheap $15 kit first, and If I don't burn off my eyebrows I will go for a real stompbox kit.

Thanks for the help dudes.
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