Ok guys. Due to internet problems i havent been able to post on my old thread, which has now been deleted because nobody posted on it >_<

Anyway, here are some pics again.

and here is a close up of the fretboard.

I have done LOADS more work since these pictures.

I have glued in my truss rod
Cut my fretboard to size and glued that on
Cut out my headstock shape and finished that
Routed out holes for my pickups, and holes going through the body halves into a recess into the back of one of the body halves for wires to go through/electric stuff to sit in
Planed one of the body halves straight (turns out it wouldnt glue on because it was wonkey),
Planed the neck so it is the same height as the body halves
Took out the big dent i put into the neck
Started adding a finish to it (only Danish Oil).

All i have left to do is drill holes for my machine heads, stick in my pickups, make a plate to cover the recess at the back, and chuck on my double locking floyd rose tremelo system. Im not back in school untill tuesday, so i will try and get pic's then.

A problem im having though is buying machine heads. I NEED to buy Schaller M6 machine heads (for various reasons), but i cant find anywhere which sells sets of 7. Anybody have any idea's? (preferably sellers in the UK). If not, im just gonna have to buy a set of 6, then a single one.

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Because my friend has brought me some handmade walnut buttons for them (as a birthday present...). He said that he knows for sure that they will be fine on M6 machine heads, but hes not sure what else.

Better safe than sorry i guess.

That actually sounds like a perfect present. Anyway, I look forward to seeing this build.
EDIT: 7 inline tuners there: http://www.bizrate.co.uk/musicalinstrumentaccessories/products__keyword--schaller.html
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the grain on that fretboard is beyond sick
^^ yeah.

it's a beauty, i envy you enough to compliment you on a second thread.


Sweet guitar, man. Good luck finishing it.
Sound clips when its done?
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