I currently have a line 6 spider 3 30 watt amp and it is time to upgrade. I'm selling mine for 200 dollars and i'm looking at a new amp or tube amp for about 300-500 dollars. I play alot of black sabbath, ac/dc, led zeppelin, alter bridge, and alot of other things, but i'm mainly looking for that classic rock type deal. What do you recommend?
Definetly a peavey classic 30 or Palomino V16-32. probably the two best classic rock amps in that price range. You may have to get the Classic 30 used though.
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I second (or indeed third) the Palomino. Brilliant amp, and the suggestion of a speaker upgrade is a valid one. Greenbacks are great for the crunchy 70s heavy rock sound, and reasonably priced as Celestions go. The Eminence Cannabis Rex is also a good 'un. My scond choice of amp - assuming you're buying brand new - would likely be a Peavey Windsor combo.
My rig was real cheap and I can get practically any sound I want out of it and have the power to play a very large gig. Don't know if you want to go the preamp->pa route, though. :P
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I recommend the Classic 30 or 50 for classic rock. A set of greenbacks really makes them shine.. I have very similar speakers in my Classic 50 and the breakup is delicious.


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palomino v32
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