alright i finally decided wat amps i want the fight is between a peavy 112 bandit and randall rx75r please help me choose the perfect small gig and band practice amplifier

(here is the link if u need to see them)


If you really want a low-end amp, the Peavey is the way to go. But seriously, it's not that good.


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Wow, you've really aimed high with your choices haven't you?

The Peavey transtubes are solid, dependable and sound pretty good. I know quite a lot of gigging guitarists who use them for smaller pub and club gigs, often because they can't be arsed with the added weight of valves. They make an ideal backup amp, actually.

As for the Randall RX? That's just a socially-ambitious practice amp. I really wouldn't bother.
Damn for that money you can get a Peavey Classic 30, or a Palomino, a Blackheart. YOu don't need 75 watts unless your giging, but its solid state so its still too loud for home use. But if that was tube, hell that hearing damage for you.
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I've got the Peavey Bandit 112. It's a great amp for band practices and the such. I wouldn't take it to a decent sized gig, though. That's why I'm selling mine and buying a 5150.

I think it would be good for what you're after, though. Just my thoughts.
You can definetly get something better for the price. Hell, my C30 was 400 WITH a celestion and JJ's. Look used for sure.