Song me and two friends wrote, doesn't have a drum part yet because none of us play drums, any suggestions in that area would help
comments and criticisms appreciated
it's called 'i love mary jane' love song from spiderman's perspective
I Still Love Mary Jane.zip
Reminds me of something out of Super Mario..
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Quote by Moe.
Reminds me of something out of Super Mario..

This would be an insult to the creator of Mario's soundtrack.
As always i see UG is filled with many a helpful person.
anyone care to offer some, constructive criticism
It's way too repetitive. Everything is repeated way too many times. The clean guitar sound sucks on sweep picking. The sweeps don't fit the song. The high-fret picking sounds like crap with the rest of the song. The volume drop at the solo is.. I don't know what to call it, but don't do it. The solo itself wasn't that good either. 85-88's lead didn't fit either.

Don't mean to sound harsh, but I'm in a rush.