Well, I'm having difficult in "making" acoustic songs, for example, I'm trying to play bark at the moon by ozzy in a acoustic guitar, using ONLY chords, so, I'm with difficults to find the chords I need to play...what's the solution?

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I don't think i understand..
You say you're having a hard time 'making' acoustic songs.. does that meen that you're trying to tab 'hem or that you can't find the chords?
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Well the thing is that the Trivium song is the kind of song that's suited to an acoustic version; bark at the moon involves lots of pedal tones and the like which means it's not really suited to being played on an acoustic.

I suppose if you wanted to do it you could replace all the pedal tones with full chords but I really don't think Bark at the Moon is a good choice.
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