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Mystery of the 20th Century

Moonlight reflections upon a serene flowing stream
Aided by the landscape, which forms an illuminescent view
Shining so bright the ground's hue turns from dark to a light green
So many claim to see this, but its noticeable only to a select few

And the riverside creatures all gather to gaze at this show
While the artist sits aside on the bank perfecting the scene, pallete in hand
The tranquility is interrupted by the caw of a crow
Which is how this whole mystery assumed to begin

Notice the tomb flowing down the riverside creek
Portrayed elegantly by the shadows enbedded in the dust
As the whispers slip by the flowers blooming, so sleek and discreet
They support the destruction of this encirclement of trust

But in the picture, the artist's rendition of the perfection of water has to be fake
Because water is a mystery, put something in it and it breaks

The Three Sisters of Spring

The three sisters of spring
chased the sun up too early,
Teased the buds from wintered soil,
Promising these plants the sky;
if they would grow for them.
March awakes and whispers
hopeful lyrics through cold lips.
Teaching the hatching songbirds lyrics,
So they know the basic structure
of verses they should sing.

They are the year's middle children
and such bold contradictions.
3 months between the year's extremes,
envious of Summer's hazy warmth;
so protective of winter's frozen clarity.
April does her best to fracture the clouds
and show blue streaks of her true face, the heavens,
Though the clouds protest in howls of wind,
they do so without conviction,
understanding the need for change.

The sisters, like the flowers they inspire,
are such terribly fleeting things.
A quarter year of transition and compromise,
A beacon in the frost of February
Forgotten in the Glow of June
May, the eldest, spreads a message.
Telling the world of change to come,
Explained through her sincerity and fallen blossom
She sets affairs in order for the arrival of her brothers
then finds a resting place and sleeps soundly through the year.

Dйjа vu/Goodbye Winter Blues

Crisp smell in the air,
Warm breeze blowing softly through your hair,
I looked at you and asked what you were thinkin’,
You looked at me and said:

Well I don’t know why,
But when I look up, look up to the sky,
Deep blue, me, you, and then I see,
Winter’s blues are gone and now I’m free.

I hoped, I prayed this wouldn’t end,
Feels like it’s happening again,
Spring’s here, no fear, but then I see,
Winter’s blues have got their hold on me.

Bitter cold in the air,
I look up and see you standing there,
I take a second look and see,
Winter’s flaw brings the thaw to set us free.

All that time you were away
Seasons would change from day to day,
But you’re here, no fear, cuz now I see,
You’re breeze will always feel warm to me.


i knew the time would come

i walk through the park
dark and so
i know that that time has come and your
true colours will be showing and your
face will be crinkling,
“i may not be here for much longer
but i will make everybody miserable before i’m gone.
that’s a promise.”
well, i get that feeling anyway
you watch me through the window as i walk
i see you, and your lips quiver in the cold
i see you talk
“something’s not right between us.”
everybody is miserable but they’re not close for you
for you to hug; you need that comforting
that something so pure, so dear.
i knew that time would come.
everybody gets miserable but they recover.
because they see that light shining.
that one glimmer of hope.
and then there’s two
and everybody is in bliss but you.

it happens every year
it says Jammy has voted for red and blue. i think that is impossible?

edit- nevermind