Lol, im gunna feel like a totall nooby asking this question but i just cant ever seem to figure out what the heck this means!!!


Ya see how you bend the note while playing the other not as is. (Example, the 12, 14b16. So what i am doing is bending the 14th fret up to sound like the 16th fret and also playing the 12th fret, so it makes a 2 note chord. Is that how you do it?) Whats wierd is that those two notes are exactly the same! 12th fret on the B and 16 th fret on the G string are the exact same note! So when i bend and play the two it sounds really really bad b/c I cant find a way to get them to have the same pitch! WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THIS BEND THING SO IT SOUNDS GOOD!!???
for unison bends: you slowly bend the second string to sound like a chorus effect as the two strings will vibrate alternatingly.
it sounds good, if you do it right.
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I found that using your middle finger to bend is easier than the third finger or fourth finger to do this sort of bend.
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Put your middle and ring finger into the bend, it will give you a bit more strength and stability.
Generally the idea of bending one string to meet the note of another is to get that dissonance between the two before reaching the unity. It's a lovely sound when you get it right. Just keep bending until you reach it and I'm sure you'll soon learn the distance you need to bend the string.
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thx guys, its starting to sound pretty good! I have done it with Stairway and it really adds something. Just to need to get it fast enough, lol. I keep having to take a sec to balance out the pitch.