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A smirk, a blink of an eye.

This winter has been long but
now spring comes along
I can't believe I spent this last year all alone
Now as cold weather goes
and nature starts to grow
I thought that well maybe we could give it a go.

I dream of rivers and lakes
dream of people and places
where -- there is no night at all
Where we can lay in the grass
smirk at time that has passed
While the sun lights us up so we see
all we were meant to see

You spied on me in my sleep
when you slept next to me
You tell "he never closes his eyes completely!"
but with no head on my chest
and no lips on my cheeks
you see -- I'm as dead as could be

I dream of rivers and lakes
dream of people and places
where -- there is no day at all
Stars will blanket us up
with our backs to the docks
While the moon still shine through
our tangling bodies anchored to the shore
as we -- start to be
all it is that we were meant to be

Thing is there is this place
that we both could embrace
With familiar faces and
a new season's dawn;
Thing is there is this place
that we both could embrace
where we could stop to dream
and maybe -- start to be


She clung to the ground,
roots high in the air.
She always new mother would spit
her out feet first. It
was some sort of basic instinct,
"I've got to come out wrong, that
way if I'm screwed up I'll have
something to blame it on."

Twenty years down the road
and she's still blaming mother
for birthing her in April.
"If you would have waited until May,
I could have come out well sprinkled
and forwards. Then I wouldn't have
three flowers running around in my brain
telling me to plant trees
and kill things."

Mother glanced to father,
father to his grandfather clock.
"Do you wish to go back and start over?"
She pivoted her back toward father,
"No, but I do wish the daffodils in my head
would have been born roots down."

back of a dirty bar, 1992
my father killed a man with his bare hands
after an argument with my mother.
it was winter and the skies were all grey and
it made him insane
just like it does to me.
he never quite found another love and
i'm always glad when i make it through the cold days without
following his lead.
spring is when the leaves turn green again
and i fall from one woman to the next
like a puppet falling down stairs.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The sun is a-shining and it's a beautiful day
The temperature's rising, I'm shouting hooray!
There's nothing that could get in the way
of my perfect stereotypical spring day.

Yeah the snow is gone and melted,
Revealing piles of dog****.
Just begging to be stepped in.
The sky is grey the ground is wet
I haven't seen those flowers yet,
So why do I have to put up with this rain?

It's a complicated thing, the season we call Spring
The television lied to us and said that it would bring,
Flowers and bunnies and a billion beautiful things.
So why do I see none of that happening?