Im trying to improve my rhythm guitar and tap each beat out with my left foot... But my foot seems difficult to control, it gets tired after a couple of seconds and starts freezing up and stuff... It kinda seems as if my foot is following my picking rather than setting the beat... Will this improve or have i just got a really bad sense of rhythm??
This may sound stupid, but it really did work for me. I was just like you for a long time, but once I got Rock Band and played the drums for a while, keeping rhythm with my foot has become immensely easier. I don't expect you to go out and buy a game (or system) for that purpose alone, but if one of your friends has it, definitely play it with him. It'll help, I promise.
i kinda have t hat same problem too sometimes when it's a hard song that i'm playing with alternate picking. but i mean start out practicing with your foot first without playing and do a four count then go into your playing...what i do is work my way up the beat.... play the riff in slower tempo and gradually work your way up. it's just getting used to your body
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Yeah, I have simular problems. I'm surprised no one has suggested using a metronome yet. Personally, I own a metronome, but haven't used it yet. But I have been playing along with Guitar Pro and having a backing drum beat is pretty much the same thing. I think the Rock Band drumming idea is a good one as well.
Ha, I've read in books about tapping your foot as you play, and that it will help you get your rhythm down better. I tried it, and it seemed to make playing more difficult/awkward. It's probably just because I've always had a pretty good sense of rhythm...

But if you don't have good rhythm down, you probably should tap your foot or get a metronome because either of those will definitely help you.
If your playing is in time but your foot isn't then forget about it. If your playing isn't in time then try tapping your finger along whenever you listen to music and use a metronome.

My foot is slightly odd and often taps contrapuntal rythms to what i'm playing but it is also stupidly weak so i don't tap my foot often.