I have a question, does anyone know where you can go to get your guitar striped of the paint and repainted, I have a epiphone les paul all black guitar, and I have always hated the color, are there shops you can take it too, and where would i find out about them, by the way I live in the pittsburgh area. I want to get it painted like a red or cherry Sunburst like many other les paul guitars.
Guitar's I own Epiphone Les Paul(black), Jackson randy rhoads (Js033r I think not sure black), Some crappy esteban acoustic guitar
most likely would cost about as much to buy another on in cherry burst. a set neck guitar isnt gonna be stripped and painted for less then 3 bills. if you want a burst then youd have to have vaneer added cause the wood under the paint on a cheaper guitar is gonna look like ass. . .
Electro Metal???