im going to see Killswitch Engage on May 11th which is a Sunday at 6:30pm Its at Elements Night Club in Kitchener which is a pretty small place and only holds 1200 people, its all standing and i want to get a good view so i was wondering how early should i go ?
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i was thinking about getting tickets for that show. KSE kick some ass. havn't seen a lot of shows or concerts so i dont' know what to expect if i go.

anything to be "aware" of? lol
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If it's all standing, just walk up the front and run through the mosh. Unless there are those rails that split off sections.
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If it's a small venue, you'll probably have a good view no matter what.

But I'd try to get there a good hour or so early...if it was anything but a metal show.

Because you can always just plow your way through to the front.
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Just go around 6:30 during the opening bands, there probably won't be many people there until KSE actually goes on so you won't have to worry about much, you can always squeeze into the place you want if you don't get it right away.
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