Just last night i 'brought' ( ) home a second hand EVJ, in absolutely excellent condition with a set of JJ's in it, a spare set of JJ's and the stock tubes. I believe its a V3, as it has a 4, 8 and 16ohm output in the back, with a 16ohm cab.

Now ive tried one of these out in the store, and i know when you turn it all the way up the overdrive really starts to distort. Though when i turned mine up all the way it was only just starting to break up, which should probably happen about 1 o'clock

Its obvious to me the guy has bought it and though 'this sounds bad, i'll replace the tubes' and then replaced the tubes to no benefit. But, my dad's an ex electrician and learning about building/modding tube amps.

So my question here is, whats the first thing we should check for? Dry solder joints, blown resistors/caps and the like? All help is appreciated to get this little beauty working properly
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You got the right idea; those should be the first things to check. I have no useful knowledge of tube amps, so that's all I can say. Also, it's 'brought', not 'brang'
Alright, success!

Did a couple of gain mods, removing the few pointless resistors that take away approximately 70% of your gain! Now it sounds GREAT! Theres actually too much gain now, as the tubes are starting to fart and squeal if i turn it up more than 3 o'clock. Going to bias the amp and change a few resistors around to lessen the gain just a tad
Very happy!
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