hey whats up guys .... basically my problem is this I have two songs i'm working on in which I have the guitar parts scored but for one of them but the problem is now that i'm starting to sing it, it feels like it needs a chorus and no matter how i rack my brain i can't come up with anything

And my second problem is with the second song it called Alina's soliloque it might still be in my sig n e ways when i sing that one where i have the first verse repeating it kinda feels like its to soon to repeat the first verse so... are there any techniques i could use in either coming up with another verse or rearranging the song

any help would be greatly appreciated

as far as genre goes the overall tone is closest to alternative rock maybe even hard rock but when i write i usually don't have that in mind
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concerning the chorus,

if you're improvising skills are decent you should be able to mess around with what you have currently, play the verse over and over or whatever, and if a melody pops into your head while doing so try to expand on it and make it into a pre-chorus / chorus.

you could also try taking a melody from the guitar part and creating a chorus based on that. or even just sing the same notes as the root notes of the chorus chords, if you have any ideas down.

about the song structure, for Alina's,

basically, try find a synonym for silence. generally in a song, repetition sounds good unless it's brain numbingly boring.
i wasn't refering to creating guitar riffs ... my problem is with writing the lyrics for the song moreso creating writing the chorus .. usually songs come to me whole and then from there if a chorus is not already there i try to create one sometimes this works sometimes it doesn't the particular song i'm referring to after writing it it seemed fine but when i was singing it with the guitar parts i created for it it seems now that a chorus might be good for it but i don't know how to start on it

hopefully this clears it up

as far as alina what i'm thinking right now is that for the second verse instead of repeating it i'll change the first two lines with something to help further the story
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yeah. do that. keep some repetition with that verse, but change up the first couple of lines (or even just a couple of words)
hey thanks for the help ... i kind of understand now what you were saying about playing and improvising it moreso worked out with alina but i'm still stuck with the chorus with the other one

no problemo. improvising generally helps whatever, whether it's verses, repetition, choruses, whatever the hell you're doing.

Retribution: me too. verse melodies seem harder. choruses are the kind of thing that pop into your head, ready, and prepared. whereas verses are little more difficult: usually there's more complicated melodies, chords/fills