Hey guys, I just got the news that my family would be going to Europe over my summer break, and I was wondering, does the Edwards guitar brand sell there? I'll probably be in the Paris area for atleast a few days if that matters. I'm thinking about getting an E-RV-138, and basically if I order it from eBay I won't get to play it or even see it in person until I get it plus I'll have to pay for shipping and a hardshell case when it gets here (so total about $1,400 USD, maybe less if I get a good deal on the guitar.)

But I figured if I could pick one up there then I could get a hardshell case with it more than likely, plus maybe talk some free stuff out of the shop owners, and I won't have to pay $100 of shipping. So I figure take off the shipping and gig bag, add a hardshell maybe about $1,350, less if I can get them to drop price/give me free crap. Also, I'll be able to play it and decide if it's really the right guitar for me.

So do they sell in Europe? If they don't, more than likely I'll still end up with this guitar, but I was just wondering, because if they don't I probably won't really drop by any music shops. If they do I'll def look everywhere I can.
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Well that sucks thanks anyway guys.

This is what I get for trying to be cheap, a slap in the face, thanks edwards!

Oh well, I suppose I'll just have to shell out the dough like everyone else

BTW does anyone know if the E-RV-138 neck is painted? Or is it natural like the ESP customs? It doesn't make much of a difference, I've never found painted necks to be slower... Well, that's a lie. On the really cheap guitars with painted necks I've found them to be sticky, but not to the point where the guitar is unplayable. But most guitars I've played at about the $700 and up range with painted necks have all been just as fast as natural, and I think they're more comfortable too.
^If you're looking for cheap guitars then France is about the last place in the world you want to be looking

And I wish people wouldn't refer to Europe as if it's a country, it's a CONTINENT. If you're parents are going to France then say France ffs!
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they are supposed to start selling them on b music sometime. Atleast you'll have easier conversations and stuff, because they speak english.
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