I finally upgraded my gear from a Crate GT1200 to a Peavey 6505 212. It's a beast, but right now an uncontrollable one at that. I do have an ISP Decimator pedal, but it still doesn't seem to work. I'm also VERY n00bish when it comes to tube amps, as this is my first one. SS is idiot proof.

Here's what i'm running: Guitar > chorus pedal > noise gate > Amp's input.
When I do this and turn the pre gain up to anything past 5 and post gain up to maybe 2, I get a real bad squeal at the end of my notes. Not only that, but a real big hum in the background that would normally not be nearly as bad with my other amp.

This is what I read on here to do in a post, and it just cut a lot of signal: Guitar > Amp In. Effects Loop Send > FX pedal > Noise Gate > Effects Loop Return.
That was a disaster.

Can someone please explain what I'm doing wrong, and how the effects loop is designed to work?


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The effects loop is so that modulation effects can be added to the untouched signal of the guitar AFTER it's gone through your amplifier's preamp so that there's no loss of tone.

What you'll do is connect your guitar to the amp. Then you'll have a cable from the Loop send into the pedal's input and one from the pedal's output into the Loop return.
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First off, you might have knobs for the 'send' and 'return' jacks that adjust the output levels.
Take a patch cable and run it from the 'send' to the 'return' and turn the effects loop on and off and try to get the volume levels the same for with and without the loop activated.

Once you've done that, remove the patch cable and insert the decimator in the loop.

Secondly, you need to turn the volume knob of your guitar all the way down, and adjust the decimator's threshold so that it cuts all the unwanted noise while your guitar is silent.

If you do that and you STILL get a ton of noise, then your pickups might be the culprit.
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It's pretty late right now so I'll try it out in the morning. I GREATLY appreciate both of your posts. Thanks guys.
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