how does each of the pickup configurations affect sound?

(HSH,SSS,HSS etc....) thanks in advance
I know that when It comes to HSH that i mainly use the humbuckers for heavier riffing or leads and use the singlecoil in the middle just for cleaner brighter sounding things though i never usually use it by itself otherwise it sounds very weak in contrast to the humbuckers though that may just depend on the pickup you have in it.
well it depends on the pickups...I think the configurations are just to let you use those pickups in that order
this is all very general, of of curse there are exceptions and of course you can use anyhting but here you go:

bridge humbucker: useful for high gain chugging. high gain+metal, or even a maiden or a heavy rock sound acheived through this

neck humbucker: a more bassy sound. used alot for soloing, etc in metal. great for playing blues and making funny faces

bridge single coil: think very trbly twangy stuff. very strong clean tones

neck single coil: more bassy than the ridge single coil.

middle sigle coil usually used in conjuction with the other single coild to give a mellower tone

humbuckers generally give a better dirty sounds, single coils for cleaner (and usualyl more bassy sounds)

again, all very general
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