Maybe it's just me... but I hate running across some youtube video, thinking it's the real video... only to find out it's some moron's video of himself playing that fake little plastic guitar on "Guitar Hero." Where's the pride in that!? Why show off? lol I mean, dude, I work my ass off on the real thing, that's pride... kids nowadays! Even worse, when it's a grown man doing it... god, please, help me!
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2. News flash!

No one cares.

Also, searchbar.
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i play guitar hero, i love it
but yes it gets annoying when stupid vids come up, i don't think guitar hero helps my guitar playing ability (except maybe staying on beat), i just enjoy good video games, but i hate the ppl who think they're amazing cuz they can do song x on diffuclty x and get 100%, let me tell you something buddy, now try on real guitar and see how good you are
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Jesus everyone shut the f*ck up about this game, if you dont like it dont play it and stop being an eliteist pain in the arse.
We have threads like this daily. No you're not the only one.

But your anger is ridiculous. That's like getting pissed off at a Madden game because people spend their time playing that instead of real football.
Okay I'm ****ing sick of these threads
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Guitar Hero's fun, but as you said, nothing to brag about or make videos about.
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