Well im learning "Wakeing the Demon" by the above and playing with a Jackson DKMG Dinky, Crate GT212 Combo, and a DigiTech GNX3 and i just cant get the right sound. Any help?
ok that helps new plane we build a stairway to heaven i kill god eat his heart kill you then i play like zakk wylde on crack. jk
That you don't bother with the GNX3, or if you do, you use it on an amp with a decent clean setting and good speakers, that will sound good with a pedal driving the distortion (even better would be a high-gain amp like they use, and using the amp's pre-amp distortion instead of a substitute pedal).

Failing that, they use higher-quality guitars, amps, and effects, so you're not gonna be able to get the tone without investing money, or learning alot about your equipment and how to emulate different tones with it. Why bother trying to be spot on? Be yourself.
I use my emg 85 on the neck on my LTD Viper 400 with a Boss MT2 and a crappy amp. And my tone look like them (not 100 like them but i still have a crappy amp/pedal) and btw its the only band that i play with my 85 cause the others i dont bother myself with tone and stuff it was just a mistake.