I bought a guitar on Ebay, and the title was: Red Series 10 Electric Guitar Stratocaster Series10. But it wasn't a stratocaster, it was a copy. It said the brand was Ovation, but I can't find any info on it other than it was taken off the market for copyright infringment. I got it for $56 and it said it was valued at $100.

Her are some pictures:

Any help is appreciated Thanks-

if its your first guitar it looks good... especially for the price.
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besides the head, it looks a lot like a squier imo... you should throw in a "hotrail" and a neck and see if you like it...
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I was looking for info on the actual brand... doesn't look like a fender. And it seems Ovation mostly does acoustics, Right?
Ovation guitars are on a mad rise, you should keep that once they get big and it'll be worth more than $100 i imagine.
I don't charge much...

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Based on the photos & info, can anyone give me an age estimate? Thanks a lot guys.