hey, i just wanted to no if someone cood give me a list of cool effects, i dont wanna have a ton of them, bu having one or 2 to use occasionally wood be cool, and idk where to start
overdrive + wah

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depends on how crazy of stuff you want..

as for volume and wah pedals, several come together like the "Mister Crybaby" by Dunlop is both so that'd be good.

but anyways..

there's really loads of things you can get.. just go on like a website that sells stuff.. easiest to view on is probably www.musiciansfriend.com
just search for guitar pedals and tons will come up..
one time I went through the entire list of them.. found tons of cool ones and that website has sound clips of the pedals so you can hear what they sound like.
Here's a list just in the order that I think:

Really Important:
Volume Pedal(Arguable)

*Distortion (Depends on amp, number of channels, intended tonal range and uses really)

Chorus (some consider really important)
Noise Gate(Arguable)
EQ Pedal
Volume Pedal(Arguable)

*Distortion (Depends on amp, number of channels, intended tonal range and uses really)

Nice to Have:
Acoustic Simulator
Whammy or any other pitch shifting effects
Talk Box
Volume Pedal(Arguable)

Personally I put Volume Pedal in the "Nice to Have" category.
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whats the difference between overdrive and distortion, as far as pedals go?
i have a Bad Monkey OD pedal, but for metal i like my amps distortion better...
whats the difference, and why is it different?