Nothing fancy but bleh, Hah, the end is just a joke cos i was talking to my friend about the song and thought it would be a laugh, my own take, rather :/.

urm, Oh, this is my first attemptat EQing really, i think the lead guitar came out quite well, acoustic guitar ishh but, for a cheap USB mic, im not gona complain.

in profile =)
Nice sound. Acoustic and lead sound good. Maybe improve the lead by following the rhythm of the acoustic instead of running up and down the scale shape at the beginning.
It's gonna be a blue day
Tone coming off ur rythm was niice.
I see your lead was coming off the bottom pickup. Whenever I do that I try to get that really sustained Jimi Hendrix type of tone.

But yea man, you're definetly rockin. Potential is hella there. Id say work on some lead riffs and try to be creative with the lead. You repeated one of the same lick like 3 times. You got the chops to be a real musician dude.

P.S. happy birthday its near mine and ill probly miss it. ^^
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