Thinking of getting one seeing as it has the tube in the power amp stage rather than the pre and the variable power output. Interested in the amp modelling but not entirely a major aspect seeing as i have my Korg AX3000G. SO tell me. Played on one? Got one? Sound good? And what exactly is the differance between the AD30VT and the AD30VTXL? To me they just look differant. And about 35 quid
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Ive got the plain VT and its pretty sick, effects good, but really out of about 4 hard distortion settings i only use one.

the XL has like 8 different hard distortion settings and a couple dirty sounds and like id guess one or two nice clean ones ( i saw one setting was called "glass")

its not really a question of tone but in what kind of music you play.

Metal = XL

anything else VT
I have the AD50, and its a great amp for what it is, I'll be replacing it with a tube amp in the near future, but for now it's all i need.
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My advice, stay away from the XL. They are way to muddy. The regular versions sound fine though.
The Xls are awfull, overkill on the amount of dist settings.

About 3 of them sound half decent, and it is virtually impossible to get good cleans without it sounding to gritty or too thin.

Regular ADVT ftw.