ok so i got a dilema here. ok i can pick my pinch harmonics right and i know iam doing them right but something about my guitar is not lettin it break free. like the note comes then it jsut deadens before it gets that real squeal. me and my dad have came to the conculsion that it is my guitar. now my question for you guys is what possible could be the problem with it.

it had a floyd rose locking tremelo its a seven string also if that helps any.
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i pretty sure thats not it. cuase my dad can hit them on his gutiars but on mine its just blah lol.
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Every guitar is a little different in terms on pinch harmonics. It just takes a while to get used to.
well then from wat u are saying its me liek there is no possible way it could be my guitar.

oh and there is a werid buzz it has to.
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From the amp or the guitar itself?

It could be your guitar, but it's extremely unlikely.
welll hmmm u sure its nothing with the trust rods or the frets buzzing out .
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you need a lot of gain (if it's your amp and not the guitar). it's unlikely that it is the guitar.
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only reason i think it is. is because the guy that had it before me kept rly ****ty care of it.
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Make sure you aren't using your neck pickup, add more gain, etc.
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^ Agreed, you've got to hit the harmonic nodes to get the loudest, clearest sound. I don't really bother using pinches much, but I can do them no problem on an acoustic or even classical guitar - believe me, you can play them on any guitar with a bit of practice, gain or no gain.