i thought the music was pretty sweet.
in some parts the drums were a little loud.
i didn't like the vocals at all, except the breakdown like part, and there i just saw them as background stuff.
but uhh, good work.
i was wondering what instrument is being used in one of the parts. the lyrics before it go something like "rubber dicks, razid rain, and coke (MOTHER****ER)" lol, or something, idk its really quiet. But the instrument held out there, it sounds like guitar. it is? or maybe something digital? it has pretty nice tone if it is guitar.
I actually didn't use any guitar at all, I have a guitar synth that sounds pretty realistic. But thanks for the comment, by vocals did u mean the singing? or the screaming? Just wondering so i can figure out what I need to fix up.

edit: that part you were wondering about is the guitar synth i believe.

and the lyrics go "just remember, never mix, raisin bran, and coke" lol but your version sounds better.
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vocals i was talking about screaming.
i thought the singing went well.
what are you using for synth?
kinda has a deftonesy tone to it.
lol, i was pretty close on lyrics.
lol, I'm using the program FL Studio 7 XXL Producer Edition, it has about 1000 some synths I think, I haven't really had the time to count. But, it's the Sytrus VST.

edit: white pony > all other deftones albums
wow....your very angry. that sucked.....but i guess if you like angry music then that might be ok? you sound pissed at something