so yeah im looking for rap with good guitar riffs in the backround.

stuff like picture me rollin by tupac shakur.

thanks everyone
Incubus? Or do you strictly want black hip hop. That's right, I said black hip hop. I'm soooo racist!

Just go to the googlemobile.
Nope. None at all.
A lot of Eminem's music has guitar in it....like "Lose Yourself" or "Cleaning Out My Closet"

yes, i used to listen to him when i was younger. actually, he's pretty good imo and i concider him an actual musician
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Quoting yourself is cool.

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i like the guitar from Ride Wit Me by Nelly..um Party Like a Rockstar (if you can stand the song) and This is Why I Rock (also only if you can stand it). these are the only songs really coming to mind..
i mean like black rap yeah. something similar to the song i posted if you know any

other songs i'm talking about are ride wit me by nelly, deliverance by bubba sparxx
Sweatshop Union - The Thing About It
Classified - All About U
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mamas just a little girl - 2pac has a lot of accoustic, and also, Thugs Mansion by 2 pac probably has the best one. (Although i can't really determine if it's actually guitar, but very well could be either way.) and ALSO 2pac, 'My Block.'
^ Guns Are Drawn is a great track.

BOC15, how can you not tell if that's guitar or not on Thugz Mansion ? Unless you're not talking about the acoustic version (which I find is the version most people mean when they talk about that song. Nice riff anyway.)
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