I need to buy a cheap flask for bamboozle this weekend, the biggest one for the cheapest amount, anyone now where i can pick up any up?
Im 20, do they ID for flasks? Liqour store may have the more expensive ones. i was hoping like a store like spencers or even like walmart would have em.
they dont ID for flasks, just like they dont ID for mix-ins, just go to the nearest chain pharmacy and theyll have em for like 4.00$
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its so good to be back!
go to walmart, go to camping section, stuff camping flask down pants. problem solved. and I think they're like two bucks anyways...
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Or you could use a waterbottle and clear alcohol.

I'm sure you're not above that if you have to sneak a flask into a show to enjoy it.
Tried walmart CVS and walgreens. When i asked them for a flask they looked at me with a blank stare... the show is today, looks like im going to sneak a water bottle in some how