I am just starting to get into the world of effects and I need some expert advice on these three pedals or if you know of something similar in the same price range. I've heard that the effects are good depending on what kind of guitar you use and really affects the sound so FYI I use a Gibson Les Paul.

Behringer X V-AMP Floor Unit Guitar Processor
I've heard that Behringer is not the best... Is this true?

Digitech RP90 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal

Zoom G1X

Thanks for any help!
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any multieffects pedals wont sound as good as single effects

what type of effects are you after?


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Quote by hendriko
any multieffects pedals wont sound as good as single effects

what type of effects are you after?

^answer this or nobody can really help you out much.

I'd say stay away from multi effects and just buy a few single pedals instead. Odds are you won't need all the 10 million settings on there anyway, and the single pedals will be much better.
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well, first go for a regular Distorion/overdrive I guess, and then as you get better, move further on, Wahs, flangers, filters, chorus, etc. then, go into the crazy effects like Whammy and stuff.

You should use effects as your playing skill seems fit.

Multi effects are NOT the way to go by the way, single pedals sound MUCH better
Quote by hendriko
any multieffects pedals wont sound as good as single effects

what type of effects are you after?

Well like I said I am new to the world of effects but what I am most interested in is different kinds of distortion, phaser ( I have used both distortion and a phaser) and the wah sounds kind of fun...
As to the kind of sound that I am trying to achieve I play pretty much anything but death/heavy metal. Like I said I am just starting out with effects so I am not quite sure what I want to do...
I don't really have the money to buy individual effects so that is why I am leaning towards multi effects.
the amp that I have right now is a roland jazz chorus-77, a crate pratice randal practice amp and a couple of old fenders that have annoying buzzes. most of this stuff is my dads old stuff.
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I'd say just pickup a very cheap effects unit.

Maybe the digitech you pointed out, find out what effects interest you and in the future you can sell it to invest in a proper pedal board.
Thanks For the advice beckyjc! Now I I can get any advice on the three pedals that I listed. Again I have heard that behringer is junk. Is this true?
Pretty much, but if your spending less than $200 on multi effects youre garunteed crap anyway. But its something to play with for the time being. Ive tried out the cheaper digitech mdoel, the effects werent too bad. My advice is to go into a shop and have a look around yourself.
I say go with the digitech one. dont go with a higher one because you arent going to want it for that long. and make sure you try it out if you can. you dont want to get it and be dissapointed. also, if you want a distortion + phaser you could get two really good ones for 200$ I recommend (if you want really good ones) to go to youtube and look at proguitarshop.com's videos. they have extensive demos of many effects so you can see what they really do and if you like them. Just remember get what you need.

In short i would say look at videos of effects and then see what you really want. Then i would say practice, get good and save money so that you can get quality stuff once you need it.