Well I wrote this one a while ago, but I decided I was going to do something fun with it, I'm gonna write a few this, maybe five, all in this style, all from the view point of a murderer in a jail cell, and well yeah, Just thought it'd be a fun little project. This ones merely an intro into the thing, It's got the plot hidden in it kinda.

c4c, please leave a link

[RIGHT]I [size="7"]write[/SIZE] this letter
In [size="5"]hopes,[/SIZE]
[LEFT]That I [size="6"]grabbed[/SIZE] the [I]paper[/I] and [i]pencil[/i].
For a reason. 
[RIGHT]You see, this isn’t a quest for [size="7"]attention[/SIZE]
It’s a way of [size="2"][U]recognition[/U].[/SIZE]
[CENTER][size="1"]For myself.[/SIZE]
[size="2"]For the record.[/SIZE]

[size="5"][B]I’m not here[/B][/SIZE][/CENTER]

[LEFT]How come it [size="5"]happens[/SIZE] like this?
Does she want him [I]dead[/I]?[/LEFT]

[CENTER]Do you [I]believe[/I] that words can [B]fix[/B] this?[/CENTER]

[RIGHT][size="6"]Hung[/SIZE] from the gallows,
She has that [size="2"][I]power.[/I][/SIZE][/RIGHT]

[LEFT]I [size="7"]wrote[/SIZE] this in hopes
That you can stop the [size="5"][U]plague[/U].[/SIZE].

[I]Hidden[/I], in the context,
By [B]Nostradamus[/B]:[/LEFT]

[RIGHT]What is going around?
It’s called a[size="5"] chain reaction[/SIZE][/RIGHT]
[CENTER]And in this particular [I]case[/I][/CENTER]
[LEFT][B]Love[/B][/LEFT] [CENTER]runs[/CENTER] [RIGHT]away[/RIGHT]

[size="1"][I]Time is of limited extent.[/I][/SIZE][/CENTER]

My fingers are numb[/SIZE][/RIGHT]
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I swear I've seen this before (or at least something formatted exactly the same way)

The "love runs away" line is what definitely sounds familiar (and how it is formatted)
I don't understand?....sorry

Sorry I just went ahead and read the letter I didn't read the caption/headline first.