Ok UGers help me on this one ... I'm looking for a new guitar since my acoustic guitar is in very bad conditions and is also crap... I want a nice acoustic-electric guitar that costs between $200 and $400. It doesn't have to be too fancy, just a nice sounding guitar... Oh and it has to have an integrated tuner 'cause I might use it a lot when I'm at school or just out of my house.

So help me! NOW!
Seagull S6, little more expensive and without electronics but if you save a bit get the guitar and build the electronics like so:

I haven't really checked out too many acoustic/electrics, but I don't think the built in tuners are all that common. You can buy tuners that just stick to your guitar or buy a separate one and put it in the case with it (these are both assuming you don't just wanna tune by ear, which would be ideal).
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it's stickied.

anyway... get any of those models with electronics, and you'll be set. if the guitar or it's brand isnt in that list, it's not there for a reason. ovations and ibanez acoustics aren't in that thread for a reason, so take note of that.

Basically, I agree with Captivate.
Just you probably want to primarily look at Alvarez's and Takamine's for acoustic-electric stuff. Both brands have integrated tuners, and generally good pickup systems. Both make high quailty, good sounding guitars.
The Yamaha Acoustic-electrics aren't too flash, but there acoustics are fantastic.

And just to be perfectly clear on this. Stay away from Ibanez's.