hey guys I just have a quick question

I have a peavey valveking half stack which is really great for the money I would recommend it to anyone that doesnt have that much of a budget....

but anyways, I'm thinking about getting another head, probably the orange tiny terror just to use as a overdrive and use my peavey head for leads and cleans, and my question is how can you hook up two heads to one cab? I would like it where I could switch it to one to the other, I know this is possible but just dont know how to do it.
help please?

maybe head 1 to a/b pedal head 2 to a/b pedal. a/b pedal to cab

you need a pedal that allows you to have both running through at once

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

you would need a signal splitter pedal, but seruiously, get a Carvin V3, it can do all of that in one amp
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how much would a pedal like that cost? and for the carvin do you have any info on it?
does the cab you have now have stereo inputs? if yes, then you can just do something like run one head to one side of the cab, the other to the other side of the cab (as long as the impedances match). then you could stick an A/B switch out front and use that to switch between the two heads. if the cab only has one input, youre going to need this, which isnt exactly cheap.
the V3 is about $900 for the head, a signal splitter is around $80 for the head go to www.carvin.com they have all the info you'd ever need there
Out here you've gotta know where your towel is!