I think it would sound better slowed down in the strumming sections, at least for the bulk of the song, with climactic passages being sped up for effect. Right now it sounds a little to choppy rhythmically when the melody seems to suggest something more smooth. That said I like how you added those higher "lead" lines. Overall I think it's a very cool song, I really like those solo acoustic style pieces. I wrote one something like that which I can't play enough (for my own entertainment) so I can only assume you have the same enjoyment out of that one. Great job.
I think you should slow it down a little bit. The entire song sounds like an outro to something a little bit slower. It'd be pretty cool to have a song build up to that speed, I think.
Banging on a trash can
Drumming on a street light
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Hmmm, I believe it's actually open Dadd9 tuning.

Well, they're just about the same thing, I guess maybe its add9 cuz the third is still there?

There was a thread on this subject like about a week ago actually, like whats the difference between add9 and sus2.
Good question. sus2 contains tones 1, 2 and 5 of the scale (like a major chord, except the 2 replaces the 3), or 1, 5 and 9, if that's easier to finger. add9 contains 1, 3, 5 and 9. So there is a difference -- sometimes you can play the sus2 in place of the add9, because you're just leaving out a note, but playing an add9 in place of a sus2 won't always work, because there's an "extra" note that may not quite fit the song.
Theres no melody whatsoever and no changes of the parts. It gets kinda boring that way tbh.

Nice playing though! =)
Thanks. To each their own......Checked out your myspace braincheese, pretty cool stuff. Who is playing the backing instrumentation?
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Thanks. To each their own......Checked out your myspace braincheese, pretty cool stuff. Who is playing the backing instrumentation?

Thanks man!

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Well played, and you got some nice cuts in there. It's really quite good.

I've seen mentioned here "slow it down". I'm not so sure. To be honest, I'd have to hear you cutting a few BPMs off before I made judgment on that.

The only criticism I have is that as a solo piece it begins to get a little repetitive and drag on a bit. If the piece was shorter (around 2 minutes), had other musicians accompanying, or had more variance (more fills going up the neck, etc.) it would improve this greatly.

Oh, and the lighting! The lighting sucks.
    Thanks sugapablo. There's only so much a 40 watt bulb can do . My solo stuff is a whole seperate entity than my band http://www.myspace.com/theharmonictide I understand and have heard the slow it down thing before a few times. I think what throws some people off is that I'm playing an acoustic and 95% of acoustic players do not approach songwriting in the heavy/speed approach that I choose to. If it was an electric with heavy distortion I was playing in the video it would be a different story. All of my solo stuff is instrumental as well and I attempt to write tunes that will keep people awake for a one hour set. Anyways, thanks for everyones input it's much appreciated. Keep it coming!

    I think your band has a great sound man, but the only problem I find is that I find acoustic rhytm guitar for 2 minutes with the same rhytms and chords quite boring; for example in your song "Combo Number One".. it has an intro of 2 minutes with the same chord and same rhytmic playing on the acoustic guitar. Great sound, great playing but it tends to become boring 'cos of it being abit monotonous. You should add more stuff or more changes in the songs; it would make it a whole lot more interesting and cool! =)
    Your sound is very 60ish pop/rock (like some of the bands on Woodstock 69).