Okay, so what is the neck strap?

(sigh) The neck strap is a sturdy, black fabric strap with vinyl ends and it attaches (via the vinyl ends) to any pair of strap button on the edge of the Guitar. Note the vinyl ends.

Do I have to use the neck strap?

It is strongly suggested that you utilize the neck strap while rocking out. Not doing so, you may drop the Guitar onto the floor, possibly braking the Guitar and thereby hindering your ability to rock. You also don't want to cause damage to one of the most integral parts of the Guitar: the whammy bar. (See the Whammy Bar FAQ.)

How do I attach the neck strap?

(sigh) Locate the strap knobs on the Guitar. They are located 1) at the base of the neck, 2) at the top left of the Guitar or 3) at the top right (lefties)
The aforementioned neck strap includes vinyl ends for attachment to the Guitar. Note the vinyl ends! Each end has a hole with splits for easy attachment. Starting with the splits, gently push the hole onto the knob of the Guitar. Do the same on a second knob.

Oh, my Lord! The neck strap is too long! What in Heaven's name do I do!????

Whoa -- don't get your strap in a bunch. There's an adjustable black clip somewhere in the middle of the Guitar strap. Simply slide the clip along the strap to adjust its length to your little heart's desire.

How do I wear the Guitar with the neck strap?

It is strongly suggested, for secure rocking, to wear the left part of the strap over your left shoulder, and the right half of the strap over your back right shoulder. This procedure, of course, applies to right-handed guitar players. Do not wear the strap over your neck on both sides - this may cause rocker friction and/or severe strap burn.

What if the neck strap becomes twisted?

This has dumbfounded me several times. If the neck strap becomes twisted and resembles the infamous Moebius strip, rotate one vinyl end of the neck strap until it straightens again. This may take time, depending on your knowledge of physics, math, mere wit and perhaps the ability to solve a Rubik's Cube.

So, with the neck strap properly attached, will it help my ability to rock?

Ergonomically, it can, indirectly. Mentally, absolutely directly not.

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