ok im thinking os buying a new amp im low on budget but its ok cause its only for practice, maybe a couple of jams.
After looking some stuff i got to the point of which one is better

randall RX25

laney lg35 (actualy i meant the lx35 which is cheaper but could not find it on misiciansfriend to put the link bur i think they are quite the same ¿right?)

what do you think
how is the distortion of this things which one is better
which one should i buy

thank for good help
in my opinion id go with the laney because i played the 2x12 version of that randall and it didnt much distortion at all
i have a randall but its the 75w version but i dont even need a distortion pedal with it... but i dont know about the smaller ones... i'd say laney cause there a little more high class imo
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so every one goes for laney.... i still have to think a little bit but thanks
laney is winnin