I ordered GTA IV from videogamecentral.com and they never sent me an email to confirm that it will be shipped. I gave them my paypal account information. Has anybody had any experience with this site or bought something from them?
I'm a web design and developer and it is legit. They couldn't have ripped you off on stealing your PayPal info atleast. Are you sure you entered the correct email address?

Also, if you don't receive the confirmation e-mail try send the VideoGameCentral an email and let them know whats up.

If they don't respond there is a help section in PayPal where you can make a complaint and most likely receive your money back.

Hope that helps,
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How long ago was that? They look legit to me...
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Idk man..you gave it out online or over the phone? and you're saying they deducted money from your account?
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this guy speaks truth
They deducted the proper amount from my account, but who knows? I did it over the internet, not the phone.

It was about 3 days ago.