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i bought an ibanez sa120 electric guitar about 5 months ago (my first guitar). i broke the high e string today. i was wondering what's a good set of strings to buy to replace these ones.

i like to play led zeppelin, chili peppers.

well they use ernie balls 9s zeppelin uses 10s but that guitar id use black dr 9s if its a black guitar
if you change gauge from 9's to 10's better make sure to get the whole guitar set up or your neck will warp and your intonation might be off. i like ernie balls and dunlop strings and i use 10-52 cuz nine's just feel thin and i like more low end tone to my bass strings
Just buy a pack of strings that says ".009 Gauge" on the front. Your local music store will help you out.

Ernie Ball and D'Addario are popular brands and inexpensive as well.

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k thx...

ill get .009 strings -- i dont know what type/size of strings to buy so i would like to keep constant with what i have now and i assume its .009.

yes, its a black guitar so i will stick with .009