First off i'ld like to say i am a Christian and pretty proud of that fact(though i don't always do what i should). secondly this song is was written when i was having so many questions about life and what to do...


the worst is when it starts
you don't know what to say
much less what to do
how to handle what is out of your hands
what is out of your reach
will life ever be the same again?
the question no one wants to ask
but it's what we all want to know

where does the begining end?
where does it pick back up again?
what will it be like to see,
the end of the begining?

what can be happening?
what is phenomenom?
who knows what to say about it?
who can know what to do?
where on earth can i find Him?
He who is of the highest knowledge
He who made it all,
showed everything its first light

the end of the begining
when will it start?

who should we seek in times like this?
a question we all ask, but hate to be answered
we hate the answer because we want control,
over something that is out of reach
we want control over something,
we can't even comprehend
it's best left in His hands
the hands of GOD!

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