So I recently got a Randall RG50TC it's a 1X12 50 Watt All tube amp. What is the best way to up the volume? I'm worried if it can keep up with the drums does anyone think it will be a problem. If it is a problem what about these fixes

1. I have some other amps with two twelve inch speakers can i run out from the randall to one of them?

2. Can I run out to maybe 20 inch speakers used for our PA

3. Is it possible and how difficult would it be to built a custom amp myself using the electronics of the randall but adding in to the box some of the other amp speakers

4. Lastly should I just save and by a two 12 inch extension cab.

50 tube watts should be more than loud enough. If for some reason it isnt, you could run the amp right into the PA if it has a direct out, or you could mic it it if doesnt have one. A custom amp would be impossible without the right training. You could buy an extension cab, which would increase percieved volume.
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Ok so the situation has changed a little I'm trying to decide now between a Hughes and Kettner warp 7 and a randall rg100