I kind of have my mind set on buying an Ibanez RG2EX1 or RG5EX1, but I was wondering which guitars under $400 are very versatile, meaning they sound good playing most any genre of music.

I mostly like to play rock/metal (hence why I'm mainly looking at an Ibanez) but I'm just keeping my options open...
Oops I didn't notice there was a thread with this question already. Whoever made the other thread spelled it wrong, so that's probably why I didn't see it

Whatever, answer if you want to still...
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I was going to suggest that too Or maybe a used Floyd Rose MIM Strat. But Ibanez is also a good choice, especially their HSH models.

Yeah, the main thing that's making me drift towards an Ibanez is their fast fretboards and the quality of even their cheaper models.
Stupid Americans and your insanely cheap MIM Strats. They cost about double in Australia.
Ibanez SZ if you dont want a locking trem. (of which you cant get a good one under 400 bucks)
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