*Bear with me on the last part, It made perfect sense in my head when I wrote it.*

Our Clover

Something tangled deep beneath my skin
Waiting to come out, you dont help. You are my sin
Slipping through my toughest barrier to get inside
Breaking me down will never help this as we
Spiral down, down the drain
We Still remain, but not together
Nonetheless struggling just to breathe
Youre suffocating me
Surely you are killing
Something that you tried to hide
But I see through your crooked lies
Shield your eyes to veil what's real
Why continue to feel?
Numb it out, Numb it out
Numb it out, Numb it out...

My pain, your loss
(the strain)
It's all a game
To me, to you
(shield you)
It's all a game
This time you lose
For me, for you
(you lose)
It's all a game

Our secrets, our cost
It's all the same
To bring, to rid of
It's all the same
Wind down the loop
For you and I
It's still the same

Paint the dredded memories on the wall
With your blood
Tears held back, now they fall
Desperation calls
Certainty reacts
Your loss
Is me, still we stay
For what?
Just another day
In the life of the liars' love
Tangled up, never forgave myself
To not cut you lose
leave now, please stay
Its just our game
Praise the glamour days of our past
You thought you'd last
Now you find yourself huddled
Begging for the love
You search up above
To your god

It's all a game
Four-leaf clover
It's still the same
Three-leaf clover
We remain
Two leaf-clover
It's over now,
Please just let go

It's all a game
Four leaf clover
Still the same
Three-leaf clover
We remain
Two leaf-clover
Please let go it's over

Tumble, over...
it's a bit dragged on with the two and three word lines but over all enjoyable...

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